New police chief plans changes in traffic system

BANGALORE, NOV. 1. The new City Police Commissioner, Mr. H.T.Sangliana, is keen to revert to the two-way traffic system on Nrupatunga Road and Kasturba Road.

He told presspersons here today that he was also interested in introducing the one-way system on M.G.Road (from Webbs Junction to Anil Kumble Circle) and the Cubbon Road. He said he would order a study after discussing the matter with the traffic police officers.

He said the Kasturba Road, in particular, was being under utilised after the introduction of the one-way system and it could take two-way movement of traffic. On this road and the Nrupatunga Road, light vehicles could be allowed from the other direction. He particularly mentioned that buses may not be allowed to move in the opposite direction.

Asked when the changes would be introduced, Mr. Sangliana only said ``soon.'' He said there was no need to change the existing one-way system on K.G.Road.

Mr. Sangliana said he had instructed the traffic police to stand only in the traffic umbrella and wear the white gloves all the time to make themselves move visible.

Reiterating his resolve to give a chance to anti-social elements to reform themselves by surrendering to the police, Mr. Sangliana said he had, during his tenure as Special Commissioner of Police in the City, made efforts to organise the surrender of the slain anti-social element, Koli Fayaz. But due to certain hurdles he could not do that. ``I missed an opportunity,'' he said, adding that the anti-social would not have been murdered if he had succeeded in his efforts. He said Koli Fayaz himself had approached him with an offer to surrender and lead a civilised life.

He said the anti-social elements were victims of circumstances and asserted that he would involve the non-governmental organisations and social organisations to reform the anti-social elements if they surrendered. ``Nobody is a sinner by birth,'' he said.

However, Mr. Sangliana said that he would deal firmly with those who did not respond to his call and failed to surrender. ``One day they will have to surrender.''

Mr. Sangliana said he considered the flyover on Richmond Road to be an ``engineering mistake,'' as it was not wide enough to accommodate a two-way traffic. He felt that the City would have benefited most if the flyovers could take two-way movement of vehicles.

The City police chief said he is considering introduction of traffic-free days on M.G.Road, Brigade Road, and Commercial Street.

Clarifying that it was only a broad idea, he wondered whether it would be ideal to introduce traffic-free days on Saturdays or Sundays. His idea was to allow only the pedestrians on one day a week on such roads. He said he would discuss this with his officers before taking a final decision.

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