Murder mystery solved


The South Delhi police today claimed to have solved the Saket murder case in which the 63-year-old wife of a senior advocate was found murdered in her house on October 22. One woman has been arrested in this connection.

The police said that the accused, 33-year-old Suman, had hatched the conspiracy along with her two brothers, who are absconding, and used Suman's daughter to carry out the plan.

On October 22, Ms. Sudha Mittal, wife of Mr. J.K. Mittal, who was away to Japan for a project with the Japanese Government, had asked her driver, Anup, to send the tailor. Anup had left the house around 9-45 a.m. -- by which time the newly appointed maid, aged around 14, had come to the house to clean it.

``The three conspirators, Suman, along with her two brothers -- Raju and Prabhu, had waited outside the house in a park for Anup to leave after which they entered, ransacked the house and strangled Ms. Mittal,'' said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), Mr. P. Kamraj. Thereafter, they disappeared along with Suman's daughter in order to escape any suspicion.

First Suman entered the house on the pretext of helping her daughter. As the two seemingly got engaged in household chores, Raju and Prabhu entered the house. Before Ms. Mittal could understand who they were, they threatened her and took the key to the almirah. They then strangled Ms. Mittal with an electric wire, a part of which was recovered from the house of the accused.

The culprits escaped with some jewellery, a music system and a video cassette player. The music system has been recovered from the house of the accused.

Ms. Mittal's body was later discovered by her son, Mr. Nilay, who was informed by Ms. Mittal's niece who found the house ransacked around 7-30 p.m.

According to the police, the three had tried at least thrice within a week before committing the crime on October 22. They would wait in the park outside the house for the opportune moment, which eluded them till October 22. The maid had joined work at Mittal household, which was in the habit of frequently changing the domestic helps, only a few days before she was killed.

Upon interrogation, Suman told police that her husband, Sita Ram, is a chronic patient of Tuberculosis and she was in need of money.

Earlier, police had to interrogate many persons before they were able to round up the accused. ``Since there was no information about the maid, we only had a portrait, prepared on the basis of account given by the driver and another maid, which we had to show to many people before we managed to get the final lead,'' the DCP said.

Police have launched a hunt for the absconding brothers. One of them, Prabhu, has a criminal records, including that of murder and attempt to murder. The trio are a resident of Eta in Uttar Pradesh and had shifted to Delhi after sustained police pressure back in their village.

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