Moopanar comparision painful, says Karunanidhi

CHENNAI, APRIL 29. The DMK president, Mr.M.Karunanidhi today termed a ``painful parody'', the TMC President, Mr.G.K.Moopanar, comparing the AIADMK leader, Ms.Jayalalitha, to the late Congress leader Kamaraj, in supporting his view that she could become Chief Minister even if she was not in the electoral fray, in the event of the AIADMK-led front winning the May 10 polls.

Mr.Moopanar's views after Ms.Jayalalitha's nomination papers had been rejected, would not wash with the people. The same would apply to the CPI(M) State Secretary, Mr.N.Sankariah comparing the AIADMK leader with that of the late DMK leader, C.N.Annadurai, who had also got elected to the House within six months of assuming office as Chief Minister, he said.

Addressing meetings while going around the Chepauk constituency from where he is seeking re-election, Mr.Karunanidhi, accompanied by the Union Commerce Minister, Mr.Murasoli Maran, said though it was true that both Kamaraj and Annadurai became Chief Ministers without being members of the House at that time, they got elected within six months of assuming office- Kamaraj from Gudiyatham and Annadurai, after giving up his South Madras Parliamentary seat, to the Legislative Council. There was no legal bar or hurdle to their seeking election within the stipulated period.

In the case of Ms.Jayalalitha, the matter was entirely different, as even if she sought to contest for the Assembly six months hence, ``her nomination papers will again be rejected'' as she had been convicted for three years in two TANSI land cases.

It was sad the TMC, which vowed to bring back 'Kamaraj rule', should ``lower'' the leader thus, comparing the AIADMK leader's predicament with how the former became Chief Minister, Mr.Karunanidhi said and urged Congressmen not to ``degrade'' the memory of Kamaraj.

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