MLC demands probe against Vice-Chancellor

MANGALORE, AUG. 21. K. Balakrishna Bhat, MLC, on Friday urged the State Government to ask the Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University, B. Hanumaiah, to go on long leave and to order an inquiry into the allegations against him.

The MLC told presspersons that on August 16 he submitted a memorandum to the Chancellor and Governor, T.N. Chaturvedi, demanding a probe into the allegations against the Vice-Chancellor.

Separate exam

The MLC alleged that it had been found that the Vice-Chancellor had misused his powers by writing to a city college to conduct a practical examination (BCA subject) for his son separately.

Although his son was a BCA student, the practical examination was arranged along with MCA students when his son could not attend BCA practical examination earlier. All practical examinations should be completed by March. But the practical examination for the Vice-Chancellor's son was conducted on April 28.

He alleged that the Vice-Chancellor had brought pressure on Registrar (Evaluation), K. Sooryanarayana Rao, to issue a press release on August 17 to state that no irregularities had been committed in conducting the practical examination of a BCA student, Murali (son of the Vice-Chancellor). The Registrar (Evaluation) had stated that no rules had been flouted on the particular issue.

Expensive car

He wanted to know why the university had purchased a car for the official use of the Vice-Chancellor at a cost of Rs. 13 lakhs. Even the Union and State Ministers did not use luxury cars. When the university was facing shortage of funds, where was the need to purchase such an expensive car, he asked.


Mr. Bhat alleged that after Prof. Hanumaiah took over, 85 per cent of the posts were filled with "outsiders." There were allegations that the Vice-Chancellor had shown personal favours in such recruitments.


The MLC alleged that the university this year had denied admission to talented students who had scored over 90 per cent marks in BCA degree course for its M.Sc. Computer Science course. It conducted its own written test and interview before admitting students. The students were admitted on the basis of marks scored thus. But marks scored at the degree level should be considered for admission, he said. An inquiry should be held by comparing the degree (BCA) marks scored by all those who had applied for M.Sc. computer science course and the degree marks scored by those who had been given admission there in the past four years.

Supports VC

The Mangalore University Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Employees' Welfare Association on Saturday said some vested interests were carrying out a campaign against Prof. Hanumaiah to defame him.

In a press release, Nagalingappa H., president of the association, said some forces were indulging in character assassination of the Vice-Chancellor. He said some persons were provoking student organisations to carry out a campaign against Prof. Hanumaiah.

They were holding him alone responsible for the decisions pertaining to the implementation and withdrawal of the semester scheme for degree courses.

There was a conspiracy behind the semester issue, he said.