MLA demands public undertakings committee

PONDICHERRY, MAY 8. Former Agriculture Minister Mr. R. Viswanathan MLA said here today that there was an urgent need to constitute a public undertakings committee associating the elected legislators to go into the working of the corporations, statutory bodies and boards in Pondicherry.

Addressing a press conference he said that as much as Rs. 45 crores were allotted by the Pondicherry Administration for the development of the public sector owned Anglo French Textile had not been used. Had such allocations of funds been used for the mill development there is no need for the Government to seek special funds from the Centre.

He alleged that that the allocation of money for the past two years had been utilised for the glorification of certain individual officials. Mr. Viswanathan deplored that there was no proper monitoring of the utilisation of funds. Hence a committee comprising legislators be formed to monitory the Public Sector Undertakings in Pondicherry.

He also alleged that not less than a crore metre of cloth produced in the AFT had been lying idle without seeking any outlet for market.

Mr. Viswanathan also wanted the Administration to ensure that the purpose for which an Industrial Tribunal was set up to decide higher wages for the mill workers should be served.

He did not however give a convincing reply when asked whether his party wanted the report presumambly finalised by previous special industrial tribunal be released. The Tribunal was asked to discontinue its functions at the end of some two months of its existence.

Mr. N. Kalainathan secretary of the CPI who was also present said that foundation of the CPI party office building would be laid on May 10 by the party Secretary Mr. R. Nallakannu.

The building would come up on a ten thousand sq feet site in Mudliarpet and investment for raising the building would be around Rs. 20 lakhs.

The whole expenditure would be met from out of the donations being collected by party volunteers from the people.

Mr. A. Ramamoorthy deputy secretary of the party was also present during the press meeting.