'MLA being neglected'

PONDICHERRY, MAY 7. Leaders of a number of Uppalam based voluntary organisations in Pondicherry are up in arms against what they feel ``neglect'' of the TMC legislator and Chairman of the Pondicherry Khadi and Village Industries Board, Mr. S. Manohar, by the organisations of the Kamban festival.

Signed memorandums of the leaders of these organisations which are devoted to welfare of women in Uppalam constituency, said the Uppalam Assembly segment where the festival was to be held from May 12 was represented by Mr. Manohar, but the organisers of the festival had not associated him in any manner with the festival and had neglected him totally. This was being disrespectful to the MLA and the people of the constituency.

The leaders threatened that if the organisers went ahead with the celebrations of the festival, the local citizens would resist it tooth and nail.

They had also appealed to Lt. Governor, the Chief Minister and other MLAs, who were scheduled to address the festival, to refrain from attending it.

- Our Staff Reporter