M.G. Road lends a `Christmassy' feel

BANGALORE DEC. 25. This Christmas day, and particularly night, it seemed as if all of humanity wanted to see and be seen on Mahatma Gandhi Road.

As if attracted to a magnet, people had been trickling in throughout the day. By night, office goers (on that road) found themselves swamped by a veritable sea of human beings. The jostling crowds had much to look at: coloured lights and stars above them, young girls wearing "Santa" caps and red outfits lending a "Christmassy" feel, and young men offering free sips of a new tomato soup product, albeit in very small cups!

Freebies, there were many more of course. Food World had its own huge gathering waiting for the free gifts being handed out by a multinational electronics company. The company had set up its own tent on the premises of Food World, where it displayed its latest home theatre, camcorder, and audio systems.

But then that was the case with almost every shop on M.G. Road. Baristas had its own patrons chilling out, sipping coffee. All the vendors had great sales. Even the mobile booksellers, the ones who usually get a few dedicated bibliophiles, found themselves dealing with many more interested customers on Wednesday.

The cold air also meant that more people opted for hot coffee/tea, roasted corn and peanuts than the fizzier kind.

Of course, the pubs on M.G. Road and every other road did a roaring business too. With 1,400 or so "outlets for alcohol" in the City, Bangaloreans had many watering holes to choose from.

But Wednesday was, on the whole, rather quiet in overall decibel terms. Wonder how New Year eve will be?