Making a mockery of social justice

Nammanna (Kannada)

Director: Shankar

Cast: Sudeep, Avinash, "Mukhyamantri" Chandru, Aravind, Ashish Vidyarthy, Anjala Zaveri and Flora Shaini

If the producer's claim that propagating violence is not the purpose of the film is to be believed, Sree Dhanalskhmi Creations' Nammanna does not advocate peace either. In fact the film sponsors violence as a tool for undermining the tenets of a civilised society. The "twice censored" Nammanna is set in an unknown forest and city and an unidentifiable time frame. It takes liberties to misinterpret the country's law and order situation and makes a mockery of State responsibilities in favour of revolutionary outfits.

It also rases questions on the Censor Board ignoring content that suggests violence.