Lucid enunciation

SACHIDANAND CASSETTES Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore - SCPL 1001 (Rs. 55/-) - Sri Siddhi Vinayaka, SCPL 1004 (Vol. 1), SCPL 1003 (Vol. 2 & 3) - Each Rs. 55/- - Krishnamruta Chaitanyam and SPCL 1007 (Rs. 40/- ) - Sri Mookambika Devi.

`SRI SIDDHIVINAYAKA', Krishnamrutha Chaitanyam (Volumes I, II and III) and Sri Mookambika Devi are the titles for the audio albums released by Sachidanand Cassettes Pvt. Ltd., 74, Sharada Colony, Bangalore-560079.

All the five volumes have devotional hymns deifying Lord Vinayaka, Lord Krishna and Devi Mookambika in lucid Sanskrit, and have been composed by Dr. Dayanand S. Rao. The music for the compositions is credited to L. Vaidyanathan, T. G. Lingappa, and Shyamala Bhave, and Sunanda who has lent her dulcet voice to articulate the lyrics in sweet, lilting tunes. She deserves appreciation for her clarity of enunciation, and involved melodious interpretation of the verses in the four volumes `Siddhi Vinayakam, Krishna Chaitanyam (1, 2 and 3), and the stotras on Devi Mookambika. The third volume of Sri Krishna Chaitanyam features vocalist Shashidhar Khote whose totally sruti-aligned singing of the songs with focus on clear diction and effective communication of the devotional content, remind one of Balamurali Krishna's musical expression of Bhakti Sangeet that invariably tugs at the rasika's heart chords.The orchestra, that includes a flute, a sitar and percussion instruments, is sensitively employed to provide the right kind of ambience, calm and soothing, for such devout prayer.

- S.P.