KU issues first 'secure' degree certificate

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, NOV. 1. The Kerala University has issued its first hi-tech, tamper-resistant, degree certificate which sports a hologram and over a hundred security features.

For the very first time in the history of the university, the degree certificate will have the words `Kerala University' written on it, in Malayalam. The new certificate has been designed by the Optical Image Processing Division of the Centre for Imaging Technology (C-DIT) at a cost of Rs. 3.15 lakhs.

The re-designed certificate has three layers of security devices built into it, the most visible being the hologram. The hologram contains various images including those of the university buildings and a conch. These images will be visible only when viewed at a particular angle, in a particular light.

The second line of security in the certificate will be micro- writing done in different places. Though invisible to the naked eye, this writing will show up in a photocopy. When a photocopy of the new certificate is taken, either the word `copy' or `void' will show up in many places. More than one security feature has also been incorporated into the special computer- generated font used for writing on the new certificate.

Yet another tamper-resistant provision in the new certificate are notations or writings which will be visible only when laser or ultraviolet rays are shown on to the certificate at a pre- designated angle and intensity.

The new certificate has over 112 security features. The full details of these features will be known only to a few top university officials.

Ms. Salini Bhasker, who was recently awarded a doctorate in Botany, became the first recipient of this certificate that was released by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. B. Ekbal, at a ceremony held this morning at the Senate Chamber.

The C-DIT director, Dr. Achuth Shankar S. Nair, handed over the software and security documents of the new certificate to the university.

At present, the university has given orders for two lakh holograms. Initially the new certificates will be given to doctorate awardees, then to those passing the semester-based PG courses and, finally, to the students of the degree courses.

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