Jayalalitha to 'expose one scam a day'

CHENNAI, APRIL 29. Stepping up her propaganda offensive on the DMK and its leadership, the AIADMK general secretary, Ms. Jayalalitha, today promised to ``expose one scam a day'', allegedly involving the Chief Minister, Mr. M. Karunanidhi's family.

In a statement, Ms. Jayalalitha took up the cement price issue, which she alleged ``was under the control of Mr. Karunanidhi's family members''. She said that because of the cement price increase in Tamil Nadu alone, the construction industry and construction labourers were seriously affected. Some of the manufacturing units and brands were under the control of the ruling party elite.

``I had exposed the goings-on in the cement industry even before the 1999 general elections,'' she said and added that following her expose, they ensured that the price was jacked up in all States. According to information provided to her by trade insiders, a huge scam was going on in this sector. She said that while the manufacturing cost per bag of cement was only Rs. 85, it was being sold for Rs. 200. The profits were going to a few persons in the ruling establishment, she said.

Ms. Jayalalitha further alleged that a scam involving crores was taking place in the supply of cement to local bodies for projects to lay concrete roads and bridges.

Ms. Jayalalitha derided Mr. Karunanidhi for accusing others of corruption in such circumstances and urged the people ``to teach a fitting lesson to the ruling party''.

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