IUCI to focus on emerging technologies

CHENNAI, MAY 20. Besides striving to take Internet and IT to masses, the Chennai Chapter of the Internet Users Community of India (IUCI) will focus on emerging technologies that will have a bearing on people.

At a meeting of the IUCI members here on Friday, Mr. P. Chandrasekharan, Chairman and Mr. Parameshwar Babu, Secretary, said IUCI would also act as a forum for people who believed in technological innovations and global operations. Instead of making solutions on contract to specifications suggested by people abroad, entrepreneurs in India should develop technologies and retain control over them, Mr. Babu said. That alone would do justice to people as indigenous technologies would emerge from needs specific to India and countries with similar development patterns.

Speaking on ``Taking IT to People'', Prof. Jhunjhunwala of IIT, Chennai, demonstrated how technologies like Wireless in Local Loop, DSL and fibre in the loop and their combinations could reduce cost of telephony and how penetration of telephony and Internet could be increased simultaneously. Providing Internet over telephone lines was unsustainable, he said. To improve telephone penetration, cost of installation ought to come down substantially.

Mr. T. G. Saranathan, Chief General Manager, Tamil Nadu Telecom Circle, said the Department of Telecom was taking all steps to improve the telephone and Internet penetration. The participants thanked the VSNL for the improvement in the quality of Internet access. Mr. N. Parameswaran, Senior General Manager, VSNL said he worked in close coordination with the DoT and the appreciation was due for them too.

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