It's going to be a hot summer

BANGALORE, FEB. 26. Summer is here. Day temperature has been hovering around 32 degrees Celsius for the past three days and was 33.4 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

According to the Director of the Meteorological Bureau, Bangalore, A.L. Koppar, the rise in temperatures towards the end of February is "seasonal" heralding the onset of summer from March 1 in this region.

"There being no rainfall, the days and nights will get warmer... the mercury shot up above 33 degrees Celsius on Wednesday itself," he added.

This was not unusual for the season.

There was bound to be some fluctuation in temperature for some days with mornings being chilly but the night temperature would be around 18 degrees Celsius.

"It is going to be a hot summer," Mr. Koppar said.

The local "weatherlore" predicts the onset of summer soon after Shivarathri. In the North, it is after Holi.

While watermelons are edging out other fruits in the markets, the mango season will soon come to compensate for the hot weather.

Meanwhile, it is time for Bangaloreans to store away their woollens and get into summer wear and perhaps take out caps and umbrellas to fend off the hot sun.