Integrated technology for eyecare

Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: Zyoptix Integrated Epilasik - a combination of two advanced eye care technologies - is an out patient procedure that is fast and painless with local anaesthetic eye drops.

This eliminates any discomfort.

15-minute procedure

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the treatment, according to the Chairman of Lotus Eye Care Hospital, Selva K. Sundaramurthy.

When the Zyoptix laser system was integrated with Epilasik, all the advantages of the Epilasik and the Zyoptix were added for the superior vision outcome.

Standard lasik

It would not induce aberrations as in the case of standard lasik. `Zyoptix integrated Epilasik' provided excellent sphere, cylindrical correction.

Reduction in aberration

It also offered reduction in high order aberrations, Dr. Sundaramurthy said.

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