Innovative inventions for cricket

CRICKET IS almost a religion for many in the country. And like many faiths the game has its own set of dogmas.

From the point of view of a batsman, the sightscreen is the one of the most important features of the game as it forms a backdrop to the bowler and helps him get a clear view of the ball when it is bowled.

The sightscreen is more impotant for the batsman when a fast bowler is bowling to him.

Four mechanical engineering students from the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology — Arun Salunke, S. Somasekhar, Vijayasarathy and V.B. Yufhandar — have designed a "batsman controlled sightscreen" that can be remote-controlled by the batsman positioned as required.

The new mechanism also helps change the colour of the screen.

This is particularly helpful for batsmen as the colour can be adjusted according to the amount of light on the field and can be changed for day matches and day-night fixtures, the students say.

— K.S.

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