Infant found abandoned

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: On a day when children's achievements are being feted and social workers and politicians alike talk about empowerment of women and care of children, an abandoned baby's tale is a grim reminder of reality.

The four-day-old boy, who has been named Jawahar by the Child Welfare Committee, was found abandoned outside Sharanya Children's Home in R.T. Nagar. The child was discovered by children residing in the home when they opened the gates at 6 a.m. A case was than filed by the home with the R.T. Nagar police station and the child was handed over to the committee. The child has now been place in a government run sishu mandir.

"It is such a shame that today we found a baby abandoned. The boy weighs over 3 kg and looks really health," says Nina Nayak, chairperson of the committee. She says that the committee comes across about six cases of surrendered babies every week and about four cases of abandoned babies. "It is a sad situation," she says.

Ms. Nayak says the high number of surrenders and abandoned children are because mothers often do not know the choices available to them. "These mothers can stay in any one of the numerous homes run by non-governmental organisations or the Government for some time, think through the situation and make an informed decision. There is no need for them to hurry up and abandon their children," she says.

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