India can offer diplomatic help: Govindacharya

RAIPUR, MAY 8. The BJP general secretary, Mr. K. N. Govindacharya, has suggested that the Indian Government help create a congenial atmosphere for finding a political solution to the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka.

Talking to reporters here on Sunday, Mr. Govindacharya said the Tamil issue should be solved politically. Terrorism could not be countered through violent means, he added.

The BJP leader said even without interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, there was no harm in India going in for diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to the issue. There was no pressure from the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr. M. Karunanidhi, on the Vajpayee Government on the Sri Lankan issue, but the sensitive situation could not be overlooked.

Mr. Govindacharya, who is in-charge of Uttar Pradesh affairs, admitted there was cross-voting in the Legislative Council election. The State party unit was inquiring into it and proper action would be taken.

He declined to comment on the ongoing factional fighting in the Madhya Pradesh unit of the party, saying he had no information about it.