Icarus and three wheels

AH! THOSE magnificent men and their flying machines. The ones who thought like R.Kelly. They believed they could fly.

And were extremely passionate about their three-wheeled flying machines. This tribe of men were heroes in their own right. And villains to many others. It gave them the kicks and the high, to zoom across the Chennai roads which for these gentlemen, were nothing but a runway to take flight.

Only that within city limits, we sadly do not have an Air-traffic controller to monitor the flying conditions of these men who risk their lives and also that of their passengers.

So for these adventure lovers, every day is a tough bungee-jump swinging from life to death.

But history has it that when man first learnt to fly, he had to do undertake similar risks, like jumping off a cliff with self- made wings.

But with that ambition fulfilled, the modern day Wright brothers are on Mission:Impossible-3.

Objective: To fly, without wings.

Strengths: Gutsy, ruthless and willing to take the risks required.

Weaknesses: Experimental flights seldom manage to take off from the ground-level because of technical snags-contraptions unleashed by their lesser mortals, other flying machines originally devised to carry fishes, but often carry weaponry. Dodging the hidden missiles, the crouching machines have failed to take the giant leap for mankind.

Opportunities: Crowded city slow coaches, with a service that stretches patience to the e. Rarely, do you find an empty seat or an MTC.

Threats: This tribe of Die-hard and Speed enthusiasts could be Gone in 60 seconds, given the Lethal Weapon that their Air Force One is made of.

Read `Weaknesses' again, (the missile launchers on the move are a force to reckon with). Life in the city everyday is a saga. Of love: the men love their machines so much that they even name them with loads of passion, thus born are the machines with names like Thrilling Murugan, Snake Murali and Road Raja.

Some of them have skulls, Danger Krishna for example.

Of action and adventure: Syko Sunders rip through the traffic, quite recklessly, as they give two hoots to the signal.

Red for them, is an invitation to adventure. They get playing games that would give the makers of Roadrash (motor-racing video games) a complex.


Statutory Warning: Pregnant mothers, those with high BP, weak- hearted souls, this trip might be injurious to your health.

By Sudhish Kamath

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