IA special fares to Bangkok, Sharjah

MANGALORE, MARCH 24. Following the announcement of special fares to Bangkok and Sharjah from Mangalore, along with nine other places in India, Indian Airlines hopes to get more fliers on flights from Mangalore to Mumbai and onward to Bangkok and Sharjah.

The airlines announced special fares from Mumbai to Bangkok and Sharjah following the introduction of A320 flights from March 27. However, the special fare to these two destinations will be for a limited number of seats and is an introductory offer.

The fare for a return ticket to Bangkok will be Rs. 12,500, while it will be Rs. 8,000 to Sharjah. The fares are also available for travel from Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Indore, Rajkot, Nagpur, Goa, Aurangabad and Jamnagar.

According to an agent, the return ticket from Mangalore-Mumbai-Bangkok was going for a song as the one-way ticket costs Rs. 6,250.

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