Wanna propose? Looking to strike out new friendships? Scouting for jobs? Interested in disposing shares or buying real estate?

Wondering where to search? Simple. Look Up! The latest search engine for newest happenings on the dot.coms are on the hoardings. Driving on the roads, crane your neck a bit and there's lot of info dotting roadsides on websites.

Catchy hoardings or billboards are not anymore about the two- wheelers, refrigerators, detergents and other such consumer durables. They have yielded space to dot.coms. Our Amul baby is an exception, obviously.

At a rough count, every third hoarding in the City seem to have been taken over by the new economy services. Websites ranging from Rediff to Indiainfo to udhaar4u.com seem to capture all vantage heights.

Searching for a different job, queries Jobsahead.com's hoarding inviting needy people to browse the site. Indiamarket.com offers services those wanting to dispose off stocks while indiainfo tries to entice one to it's chat rooms.

For those with their last penny spent, the mascot of udhaar4u.com with bags filled with money over his shoulders peep out of the hoardings is a reassuring sight...

Lost out in the process are the film stars and their ugly blow- ups. Right now, the only superstars status that count for the hoardings seem to be that of the dot.coms. But, one nagging doubt. Why, old generation ad vehicle for a new generation idea?

By T. Lalith Singh