Help available to start one's own dotcom

BANGALORE, JULY 12. Dreaming of starting your own "dotcom" and want some handy tips? Entrepreneurtalk being launched by the Bangalore-based ITspace.com might just be the answer.

According to Ms. Sara Vetteth, Vice-President (Strategy), ITspace.com, Entrepreneurtalk would be a platform where business heads can share their experiences and challenges faced by them when they started out.

The first of the series to be featured on Thursday at 11 a.m. will have Mr. V.S.Sudhakar, Founder and Managing Director of Fabmart.com. To chat with him, just log onto www.ITspace.com.

This was the first time that such an online event featuring entrepreneurs was being held on a regular basis, Ms. Vetteth said. The aim was to provide users a platform to benefit from shared experiences of successful entrepreneurs. Users could share collective wisdom, seek peer advice and discuss with successful entrepreneurs all that was needed to create a powerful and profitable enterprise and brand.

The first choice, Mr. Sudhakar, had over 17 years experience in IT and the Internet industry and conceived the idea of a virtual supermarket which eventually was to change the face of retailing in the country.

Other features on ITspace.com include the "Communities" section for IT professionals. Communities are spaces within the site which are customised specifically for different sub-groups within the broad target audience. This site hosts Developer Space, Student Space, CIO Space and Entrepreneur Space.

The CIO Space aims at providing a platform for CIOs across industries to share their views and covers topics such as e- commerce, web applications, finance and banking, manufacturing and telecom.

There are also columns, book reviews and useful downloads. The Entrepreneur Space includes "Mentor Speak" which has articles and advice from successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. There is also "Enterprise Essentials" where those just starting up or are relatively new in business speak about their experiences.

The Developer Space is to have a new feature Guides, for developer related topics such as Net Dynamics, C, HTML and Linux. Each guide will maintain a unique area, constantly updating news, related links, articles and discussions.

Student Space is targeted at the large Indian student community and at IT professionals who want to update their skills. There is information on training centres, courses, certifications, scholarships, financing options, career advise and counselling.

Students can reach expert counsellors at "Ask the Mentor". There is also Weekly Trivia, a quiz programme on Wednesdays. There have been responses from Indian IT professionals from as far away as France to the quiz.

There are two other talk shows already on ITspace.com. Tech Talk is aimed at bringing together tech professionals on a common platform to discuss topical issues. Future Talk, launched through a chat with Sameer Bhatia, gives users the opportunity to interact with leading names in the IT industry and discuss their vision for the industry.

Soon to come from ITspace.com will be a shopping space for PCs, peripherals and other IT accessories. This is to be launched with a classified section for new and used PCs.