Gujarat shuts down Internet during exam

Mobile Internet services were blocked for four hours—File photo

Mobile Internet services were blocked for four hours—File photo  

Last year, question paper had been circulated through WhatsApp

To prevent cheating during the four-hour exam for revenue accountants, the State government suspended mobile-based Internet services on Sunday.

Last year, the exam, conducted by the Gujarat State Subsidiary Selection Board, was cancelled due to rampant malpractices and cheating through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

“Last time, the entire question paper was circulated on WhatsApp,” a Gujarat government official said. “So, this time, we decided to ensure that Internet remains shut for a few hours.”

This time, the Board had requested that the services be blocked, given the sensitive nature of the examinations. In a move that has been unheard of before, the services were blocked from 10 am to 2 pm, during the time of the examination.

“As soon as the exam was over, mobile Internet services were restored,” another senior official said.

Last year, during the Patel agitation, the State government had shut down mobile Internet services for almost a week. The move was slammed by masses as well as the business community, whose business transactions were badly affected. However, the Supreme Court recently upheld the government’s decision of shutting down Internet services in public interest, and to maintain law and order.

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