Govt. effort at transparent transfers begins

CHENNAI, JUNE 16. The Government's effort at ``infusing transparency and eliminating middlemen'' in deciding on transfer requests from government school teachers began today in the State, when single-window counselling sessions were held for applicants who wanted transfer within the same district.

Counselling was held in 30 centres-one school for each district, by a team led by the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) concerned.

In Chennai, the CEO, Mr. G. Arivoli, assisted by four district educational officers, held the session at Government Model School, Saidapet.

Even before 9 a.m., scheduled time for the start of counselling, the applicants assembled. Later they were called into the counselling hall, where the applications were scrutinised and the teachers' individual plea for change of place of work was considered, as per Government norms. Priority was accorded to those seeking change to place where a spouse was already working. Physical handicap, being the wife of an armyman and ``station seniority'' were the other priorities for considering the transfer pleas.

The CEO told reporters that nearly 100 teachers turned and of them 36 were accommodated and the transfer orders issued immediately. ``The system is transparent and those who got the transfers expressed full satisfaction with the new system,'' he said. However, he noted, the existing number of vacancies, 41 in Chennai schools, would continue as the transfer was among the existing posts within the district.

The counselling for considering plea for inter- district transfers would be held later.

While, individually those who got the transfer expressed happiness with the system, many teachers noted that the sessions for inter-district transfer should have been held first. ``There are hundreds of persons who are traveling huge distances everyday for work, even across districts. There are others who have been working and waiting for years in village schools, to get a transfer to Chennai or other urban centres.

Only after the process of transferring is completed, should the intra-district transfer needs be considered. Within the district, the teachers can afford to wait for some more time,'' they argued.

A counselling session for teachers who are seeking transfers within Chennai in progress in the city on Saturday.