Sun sign Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

The Pluto/Jupiter opposition is going to have a strong effect on you and your relations with people. Because Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, it is likely to be somewhere in the vicinity of your Sun. As a result, you are feeling more optimistic and expansive than ever. A close friend or a partner, however, is likely to be in a very different state of mind. As you are starting to feel lighter, someone around you is sinking into a heavier emotional state. Try to use your new-found optimism to lift them up.

Moon in MITHUNA (Stars - the last two quarters of Mrigasira, Arudra and the first three quarters of Punarvasu)

Politicians must seize good opportunities coming their way. An official travel is likely. Monetary inflows should stay steady. With auspicious functions around the corner, expenses could go up. Avoid speculation. You can depend on friends and relatives for assistance.

Chandrashtama: From 7.48 a.m. on September 7 and extends into next week.

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