Food-talk !

`AIRLINE' AND `Food' may not be two words which always go together. In fact `Airline' and `Food' spelt together give many a regular traveller the jitters - an aversion to the mediocre stuff dished out in the various nomenclatures such as `Asian vegetarian' and `Mexican.' But then, there is always hope. At least during stopovers.

``Ready to Eat Ready to Fly'' is the new joint promotion by the British Tourist Authority (BTA), with Trafalgar Tours and a company specialising in instant food, the MTR chain.

As part of the offer, passengers to London can purchase, MTR's new ``heat and serve'' range of food packs, right at their seats. And savour the taste at any BTA-approved hotel room in London. The campaign is primarily aimed at popularising London as a convenient stopover, among the software professionals travelling to USA.

All London hotel rooms have a kettle and all you need is boiling water to have a taste of the MTR meal.

Launched in association with the TT Travels (which represent Trafalgar Tours), a free insert outlining the offer, the London holiday packages and other Britain attractions offered by the TT travels, along with a simple contest form will accompany the first 50,000 packs being distributed in Bangalore. A host of consolation prizes, including T-shirts and food hampers would also be given away.

Among the Asian travellers, especially those London- bound from Chennai, the ``MTR's new heat and serve'' would become a instant hit as they are selective about what they eat.

By T.S.Shankar