Flights rescheduled for runway work

COIMBATORE, MARCH. 3. The work on extension and strengthening of the runway at the Coimbatore Airport will commence on March 10. To facilitate the closure of the runway at night for ensuring the speedy completion of the work, the evening and night flights to and from Coimbatore are being rescheduled.

A press release from the Airport Director, C. Vijaykumar, said that the runway would remain closed between 8 am and 10 am and again from 17.15 hrs to 02.00 a.m., the next day.

The existing runway measuring about 7,500 ft would be extended up to 8,500 ft in the first phase and 9,000 ft in the second phase. However, the Airport Authority of India sources said that it could be extended up to even 11,000 ft, if necessary.

The work involved land acquisition and already the District Administration had deputed a team led by a tahsildar to complete the acquisition formalities. However, the first phase of runway expansion, which does not involve any land acquisition, was being taken up now. To enable the commencement of the first phase of the work, the evening and night flights were being rescheduled.

The Indian Airlines flight No IC 975 on the Chennai - Coimbatore - Cochin - Sharjah sector on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays would leave Chennai at 14.20 hours and arrive in Coimbatore at 15.15 hours. It would depart Coimbatore at 16.00 hrs and arrive in Cochin at 16.30 hours and depart Cochin at 17.20 hours for Sharjah. However, there would be no change in the schedule of Flight No IC 976 on the Sharjah - Cochin - Coimbatore - Chennai sector.

Similarly, Air Sahara flight no S2144 on the Mumbai - Coimbatore - Chennai - New Delhi sector has been advanced by nearly an hour. It would depart Mumbai at 14.30 hours, arrive in Coimbatore at 16.15 hours and leave Coimbatore at 16.45 hours for Chennai. It would arrive in Chennai at 17.45 hours and leave Chennai at 18.30 hours to arrive in New Delhi at 21.20 hours. Both the revised schedules of Air Sahara and Indian Airlines had already come into force from March 1.

The Jet Airways Flight No 9W3517 on the Bangalore - Coimbatore - Chennai Sector arriving in Coimbatore at 19.55 hours and departing Coimbatore for Bangalore at 20.30 hours would be operated as per schedule till March 9. With effect from March 10, it had been rescheduled and it would arrive in Coimbatore at 11.30 hours and depart for Bangalore at 12.00 hours. The schedule of the other flights remains unchanged.