Film Review: Koodi Vazhndhal Kodi Nanmai

FAMILY DRAMA specialist director V. Sekar has come out with a new venture, Thiruvalluvar Kalai Koodam's ``Koodi Vazhndhal Kodi Nanmai''. The film begins brightly but falls flat in the second half. If only the director had edited certain portions, like the search of the house of Vadivelu and Kovai Sarala, he would have sustained the interest of the film.

The film attempts to stress that joint family is the best and tries to prove that both joy and sorrow can be shared by the family members. Thangaraj (Nasser) is the eldest brother and he has two younger brothers in `Boxer' Krishnan (Vadivelu) and Sivaraman (Karan). They stay in the house of Veerapandi (Thyagu) whose only son Dhandapani (Vivek) is in love with Padma (Kavitha), daughter of Thangaraj. Meenakshi (Kushboo) is the wife of Thangaraj and Kanagavalli (Kovai Sarala) is the wife of `Boxer' Krishnan. Thangaraj and his wife Meenakshi sweat and toil to educate Sivaraman and he becomes a general manager in a factory.

The owner of the factory Valluvardasan (Vijayakumar) seeing the hard work and efficiency of Sivaraman, proposes to get his daughter Thamizhselvi (Roja) married to him.

After marriage, problems slowly crop up. Without any work, `Boxer' Krishnan tries his hand in politics and there too he fails. After helping the brothers come up in life Thangaraj and Meenakshi expect them to help them when their daughter Padma was to get married to Dhandapani. But Sivaraman does not reciprocate and is against giving a major amount for the marriage of Dhandapani and Padma. How all ends well through a sudden change of heart is shown, but it is not a good turning point.

The director must have taken a little more care in working the screenplay and ought to have reduced the role of Vadivelu who has not contributed much to the film either by way of comedy or by moving the story to a higher level. The dialogues are crisp and up to the point. As far as acting honours are concerned Nasser takes the lead and proves his potential beyond doubt in a number of scenes. Karan has matured and acts with conviction, particularly when Nasser comes to seek his help for his daughter's marriage. Kushboo and Roja are adequate. Kovai Sarala's make-up is jarring. Vivek is succesful in making us laugh in some of the scenes he appears. Thyagu, Vijayakumar and Ramesh Khanna have also contributed.

P. S. Selvam has not much of work to show his ability except in the dance scene where all the artistes perform. Deva's music has tried to enhance the value of the film. In four songs three will have repeated hearing. The title song sung by S. P. Balasubramaniam has good lyrical value (written by Muthulingam) and the tune has melody in it. Lyricist Kalidasan's `Engaveettu Kalyanam' and Kamakodian's `Ek-tho-theenuda' a gana style song sung by Deva himself, have mass appeal.

The film is produced by S. S. Durairaju and K. Parthibhan and directed by V. Sekar.