Film Review: Big Momma's House

A SLICK comic caper with a smart script. That's Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises' ``Big Momma's House'' for you.

There is not much of a story. But hilarious sequences abound. And the story and screenplay writers have been exuberantly creative in these portions.

After giving impeccable performances in hits such as ``Blue Streak'' and ``Bad Boys'', Martin Lawrence is back, this time as Malcolm, the savvy FBI agent adept at disguises.

His mission here is to trap a murderous bank robber who escapes from prison. Sherry (Nia Long), the criminal's ex-girlfriend could provide the clue to his whereabouts. So Malcolm follows her to her grandma's house in Georgia.

But the whacky Big Momma is out of town and so Malcolm is forced to impersonate her in order to crack the case.

From then on begins a roller coaster ride of fun as Malcolm, disguised as the sassy granny goes about her chores - from delivering babies to testifying at the church.

Complicating the progress of the case is `his' attraction for Sherry, who might have stashed away the cash stolen by her boyfriend.

What happens when the original Big Momma returns? Is Sherry innocent? Will Malcolm find the convict? Check it out in the laugh riot at Shree.

King of cool Martin Lawrence slides smoothly into the character's skin - be it the intelligent FBI agent or the crass Southern granny. Nia radiates kinky allure as Sherry.

Director Raja Gosnell of ``Home Alone: 3'' fame succeeds in sustaining audience interest with some edge-of-the-seat excitement.

The scene in which all the grannies discard their wigs at the martial arts class and the climax demand mention in this film which makes for entertaining viewing.