FIIs net buyers in equities

MUMBAI, MAY 20. The foreign institutional investors (FIIs) were net buyers in equities at Rs. 482.8 crores ($103.2 million) and net sellers in debt at Rs. 97.60 crores ($20.9 million) for the trading week ended May 18.

The mutual funds (MFs), however, were net sellers in equities at Rs. 45.06 crores and net buyers in debt at Rs. 295.12 crores for four days beginning May 14, according to the data available with the Securities and Exchange Board of India here.

FIIs were net buyers in equities to the extent of Rs. 143.5 crores ($30.7 million) on May 18, the highest for the week.

The foreign funds were net sellers on May 15 at Rs. 111.5 crores ($23.8 million) and on the next day at Rs. 105.3 crores ($22.5 million), SEBI said.

On the debt front, FIIs indulged only in offloading activity on May 14, 15 and 18 at Rs. 27.1 crores ($5.8 million), Rs. 38 crores ($8.1 million) and Rs. 32.5 crores ($7 million) respectively. No transactions were conducted on remaining two days.