Fear grips Karimnagar district

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 16. Fear grips Karimnagar district, the interior forests of Sircilla and Godavarikhani sub-divisions in particular, following the macabre killing of 10 villagers by the People's War Group of naxalites, branding them as police informers.

The naxalites, who were otherwise on the defensive after the Koyyur and Maddimalla encounters wherein top naxalite leaders were killed and increase in surrender of top cadre, have struck with a vengeance with the discovery of cadre within the dalams who were causing harm to the party by conducting covert operations.

The mass killing of 10 persons, including dalam members branding them as police informers has sent shockwaves in police circles, informers and political leaders. Immediately after the news of killing of six villagers in the Vattimalla forests last night, the police refrained from venturing into the forests to visit the spot for fear of treading on landmines.

The bodies of the victims were brought from the spot to Sircilla with the help of local villagers. In the meantime, the police had sounded a red alert in the district and cautioned its personnel to restrict their movement and additional forces were put on high alert at all police stations in the interior region.

The youth had started fleeing the villages sensing the wrath of police and naxalites. While the elders were remaining indoors in the interior naxalite affected villages, the police had also instructed all the targeted persons to move to safer places to avoid facing the naxalites.

Meanwhile, the PWG North Telangana Special Zone committee member, Azad said the PWG movement could not be suppressed with covert operations. Talking to local presspersons in the forests bordering Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts on Friday, Azad said all the police informers and some dalam members had collected huge sums from the police and were planning to eliminate him and other top leaders and surrender with weapons.

The covert operations were conducted in Maddimalla, Peddavagu, Konapur encounters, he said adding that they had identified the enemy within the group and other informers. The enemies were growing as they could not take proper measures during the recruitment, but now we have identified our mistakes and taking all preventive measures, he added.

The surrendered naxalites succumbing to pressures of the police were trying to `backstab' its leaders, he alleged adding that they had identified such persons and taking all preventive measures to strengthen their group. He also said they had identified all the persons who were responsible for the covert operation.