Farmers told to harvest rainwater

MANGALORE, JULY 24. Ninety-nine per cent of the water available on the planet is not potable and the remaining one per cent has to be used judiciously, Ashwini Krishnamoorthy, director of the Varnasi Research Foundation (VRF), has said.

She was speaking at a workshop titled "Water: Elixir of Life" at St. Agnes College here today.

Ms. Krishnamoorthy, who delivered the keynote address, also spoke on "Water management and organic farming."

Drawing examples from her experiences at the VRF, she stressed the importance of organic farming. She said organic farming not only proved to be economical but also kept the farmers healthy as against those exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, and chemical agents. Highlighting the importance of water harvesting, she said it was useful for irrigation and so should be adopted by farmers.

Rainwater harvesting was another method by which people could gain enormously, she said. She added that the method involved the cleaning of roofs everyday. But if carried out appropriately, the water could be used in kitchens.

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