Fare for the family

THURSDAY NIGHT, 9-00 p.m, all members of the family sit glued to their television sets watching Sun TV. The reason? Another episode of 'Ananda Bhavan'. One of the most popular serials, it portrays the trials and tribulations of the family which runs the 'Ananda Bhavan' hotel. The dialogues are natural and each actor slips into his or her role with ease. Especially enjoyable are the vitriolic exchanges between the eldest son-in-law and "Ambi Mama" though at times it sounds melodramatic. Apart from these two, all the other male characters are meek and mild, while the women seem to be more aggressive. The story revolves around the age-old mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law theme and the problems created by married sisters-in-law who spend more time in their parents' home than in their own. But the character of the loving brother, torn between his duty towards his parents and wife, is well-delineated.

Another equally popular serial is "Krishnadasi". This serial has a powerful storyline based on a popular novel. The lilting signature song has been shot well. The interest rarely sags as there are many characters, each playing an important role. The element of suspense sustains the viewers' interest throughout.

The presentation and creation of dramatic interest are noteworthy features of the serial. The presence of seasoned actors like Gemini Ganesan and Nalini are an added attraction.

The story is full of twists and turns. Though certain scenes seem melodramatic and at times lacking in credibility, the serial does merit a prime-time slot.


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