Experts call for revival of aromatherapy

Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: The oral and written traditions on floral and aromatherapy are in a rudimentary state and there is a need to revive and validate such time-tested traditions, Sathyanarayana Bhat, Joint Director, Karnataka Biodiversity Board, said here on Friday.

He was delivering the keynote address on "Ancient Indian unique aroma and floral therapeutics" at a two-day seminar on "Concept of beauty in the light of cosmetics and perfumes" at the Canara College. The seminar was organised by the Centre for Inter-Disciplinary Studies in Research in Sanskrit, Canara College.

Mr. Bhat said the Jain tradition of floral therapy is unique to the State. Kumudendu has mentioned floral therapy in his text "Siribhuvalaya" written in 800 AD. In this text an entire chapter has been dedicated to floral therapy. The Jain yathis who believed in non-violence used leaves and flowers fallen from trees and plants for medicinal purposes. Mr. Bhat said there is a growing demand for natural flavours and essences in the manufacture of food and cosmetic products. India can lead the way in marketing such products in the international market. A serious effort has to be initiated in this regard.

B. Thimme Gowda, Vice-Chancellor (acting), Mangalore University, who inaugurated the seminar said that excessive use of chemicals has led to deterioration of health. G.N. Bhat, director of the centre, welcomed the gathering. Hariram Shenoy, senior manager, Canara Bank, spoke. Basti Narayana Shenoy, president, CHS Association, presided.