Evolution in art

TILL VERY recently, Sajitha's paintings dealt with the woman and her problems, particularly when she is alone. But now she says she is not able to draw or paint lone women, nor does she want to do it. `I am afraid to face the truth' says it all, in a concise manner in the small format expression. ``Wherever one may be, basically every individual is alone and that is a scary idea'', says Sajitha. Thus the exhibition of her pen and ink drawings and paintings at the Alliance Francaise gallery, till July 29, are all of `Relationship' and `Poems of love'.

The drawings `Poems of love' have tight-knit groups of men and women, often huddled together; they are also sometimes shrouded corpses, laid in a row along with one of a cat. The drawings of small houses around seem to indicate a sense of togetherness within four walls. But these groups rarely express a sense of cheer or happiness; they appear more like people joined together at moments of sorrow or loss. Filled with sharp lines, these drawings have the quality of etchings.

Sajitha's small paintings on `Relationship' are often of two people - a mother and daughter, two women, a man and a woman - of course, it need not always be a happy relationship, but still there is the nearness of another human being. Every human being goes through phases emotionally, which get reflected in the work he does. Sajitha's evolution as a person is also the evolution of the artist in her.