Everyone needs Divine Mother's blessings

CHENNAI, NOV. 2. The sole intention of saintly persons and Divine messengers in tendering advice to others, particularly to laymen, is to share their noble thoughts and knowledge with them and ensure that they too derive some benefit. The Bhagavad Gita places before mankind the different paths available for them to follow. After explaining the merits and features of each of these routes, the Lord, in the end, urges His disciple to shun all these principles of religion and take shelter in Him alone, as the highest Divinity, when he experienced difficulties in adopting any one of them. ``I shall then deliver you from all sorts of sins and crimes from the non-performance of those duties enjoined upon by the scriptures''. This does not mean that a devotee should give up everything, because no one can pursue all of these with perfection. ``If it is found beyond your means, come to Me''. Ordained duties cannot be forsaken. To Lord Krishna's final question whether Arjuna has got rid of his ignorance, the reply was that the veil of illusion has vanished from his mind.

Thus enlightened men give us the best teachings, culled out of our scriptural texts. Again, in the Gita, the Lord refers to four classes of righteous people, who observe the religious rules of regulated life, listen to Him, pray and offer worship to Him, the fruit-seekers remember Him, when they are afflicted with grief and sorrow. Some desire to acquire knowledge and think of Him as one who can give the same. Some realise Him as the Supreme Lord of all ethics and religions and bestower of boons. The last category want to betake themselves to pure transcendental knowledge regarding God's attributes and other features and seek absolute shelter in Him. Adi Sankara, in his ``Soundarya Lahari'' has described the extraordinary qualities and the deep urge in some who wish to escape from re-births. The blessing of the Divine Mother is essential for all those who are after gaining knowledge in addition to the hard work they put in during their study. Personal efforts coupled with the grace showered by the Divine Mother will make students and knowledge-seekers distinguish themselves, said Sri Sakatapuram Sankaracharya in his discourse.

A story tells about a businessman, an agriculturist and a lazy man being caught in an island. While they were worried, how to survive, a phantom which happened to be there agreed to give them each a boon. While two of them wanted to get back to their professions, the worthless fool said if they left, he would be alone and so they should also stay with him forever.

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