eSymmetryx Technologies launched

BANGALORE, NOV. 15. eSymmetryx Technologies (eT), a new company focused on the emerging field of collaborative product enterprise (CPE), was formally launched in Bangalore today.

According to the CEO of eT, Mr. Gerard J. Rego, CPE is the integration of data, information, knowledge and processes around a product, across all the elements of an enterprise (supply chain, customer support, logistics, documentation and engineering) in an environment where people can collaborate, irrespective of time, space or geography. CPE gives product enterprises the ability to minimise costs and maximise returns on investment through efficient deployment of resources, people and skills, dynamically centred around the product. CPE will be crucial for a global enterprise wishing to conduct e-Business.

eT has developed a unique, patented suite of customisable solutions, called ``digital foundation'' for enabling the creation of a CPE.

eT is a partner of the ``iForce'' programme of Sun Microsystems under which eT will use Sun platforms, technologies and support to address global market opportunities. According to Bhaskar Pramanik, Managing Director of Sun Microsystems , `` One of the intentions of the iForce initiative was to locate and support product-based companies here that can address global requirements. eT is one such company. ''