Elephant rides in Mudumalai not now

UDHAGAMANDALAM, AUG. 21. Elephant rides in the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park that were suspended a month ago are not likely to be resumed in the near future, according to the Wildlife Warden of the Nilgiris, Ashok Upreti.

This is following the death of two trained elephants at the Theppakkadu camp in Mudumalai. The remaining 25, including a newborn calf, had been shifted to Bambax and Abhayaranyam camps.

Unhygienic conditions

It was suspected the elephants got infected due to unhygienic conditions as areas surrounding Theppakkadu were being used as open-air toilets. So the camp was temporarily shifted to places with less concentration of humans.

The elephants would remain there till the Theppakkadu area is disinfected through controlled fires during November/December when the undergrowth would be dry. With the suspension of elephant rides, more van rides were being organised for tourists.