Elephant herd rescues trapped calf

COIMBATORE, FEB. 26. An elephant herd came to the rescue of a trapped calf near Sadivayal in the Pooluvampatti range of the Coimbatore Forest Division on Wednesday night. The one-month-old calf was part of a herd of five elephants that was migrating from the Siruvani reserve forest towards Pooluvampatti. While negotiating a slope, the calf reportedly got trapped in a `V' shaped trunk of a pruned tree. The Divisional Forest Officer, P. Durairasu, deputed a team of officials to rescue the calf. But the herd turned hostile and prevented the team from carrying out rescue efforts.

Unable to make any progress, the team left the spot on Wednesday evening. Early this morning, the team returned to the spot again.

The plan was to cut down the tree trunk and rescue the animal. But on reaching the area, it was found that the herd had rescued the calf.