Eco bio blocks to help Tirupur dyers in recycling effluents

These remove organic pollutants, bad odour from water and kill mosquito larvae

Staff Reporter

TIRUPUR: The Chennai-based Ariake Biotech Solutions Limited has introduced Japanese eco bio blocks (EBB) to help Tirupur dyers in recycling effluents.

EBBs promise to remove organic pollutants and bad odour from water and kill mosquito larvae.

Zero effluent discharge

According to Sathak Ahmed Shaw and S.V. Rayen, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Ariake respectively, EBBs will help textile dyeing units that are struggling to attain zero effluent discharge.

At present, after the primary treatment, effluents are let into the reverse osmosis plant.

Due to the presence of various organic pollutants, the life of membranes - the vital part of RO - come down.

EBBs will be placed in the RO plants before the effluents are let in. This would enhance the life of the membranes, they said. Koga Masayuki, president of Koyoh Corporation, manufacturers of the block, visited various dyeing units in Tirupur on Sunday. EBBs are manufactured by mixing effective microbes with volcanic porous stones, alkaline cement and water.

Fermented soya bean

The microbes, a bacillus variety derived from fermented soya bean, multiply in the stones and flow out into the water.


EBBs have an effective working life of seven years in running water and has been successfully tested in various countries in purifying industrial wastewater and polluted water bodies.

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