Dr. S. Chandrasekhar passes away

CHENNAI, JUNE 16. Dr. S. Chandrasekhar, leading demographer and former Union Minister for Health and Family Planning, died at San Diego, United States, on June 14. A pioneering family planning advocate in the area of public policy, he was the author of over 40 books and was working on a book till he suffered a stroke and was hospitalised three months ago. He is survived by his wife Anne, and three daughters, Radha, Prema and Sheila.

After completing his M.Sc. from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in demography in New York University, Dr. Chandrasekhar became professor of Economics at Annamalai University, where he later served as Vice-Chancellor. He started the Indian Institute of Population Studies, and edited the academic journal, `Population Review', for over 40 years. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 1964 and in 1967 he was appointed Minister for Health and Family Planning in the Government of Indira Gandhi. He came to be known for his crusading zeal for family planning and population control.

He served as a professor in several American universities including the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California (at Los Angeles and at Santa Bentan) and had lectured extensively on the subject of population studies. His books include `Population and Planned Parenthood in India', `Hungry People and Empty Hands', `Red China' and a series on Indian emigration to different parts of the world.