Dividing people

Sir, - Your editorial on Mr. Bal Thackeray's threat (The Hindu, July 18) is forthright and every right thinking citizen would accept it. If a popular leader of each region starts instigating the cadres to indulge in violence, then chaos, anarchy and lawlessness will be the result.

The leaders of the present era are dividing the people in the name of narrow regionalisation, religious fanaticism, casteism and communalism, thereby causing much havoc to society.

If Mr. Thackeray considers Maharashtra Government's decision as politically motivated and vindictive, he can very well take it to court, as rightly pointed out by you.

Instead, resorting to violence backed by his own cadres and the Sangh Parivar, will only lead to his downfall.

V. Pandy

Tuticorin (TN)