Demystifying miracles

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BANGALORE: India may be a superpower in the making, but a great part of our nation is still enmeshed in the tangles of superstitions. There are always godmen and godwomen coming up to perform "miracles" and take advantage of people's gullibility.

The Rotary Club of Bangalore West arranged a "Miracle Buster" programme by the renowned rationalist Narendra Nayar to shatter the myths behind superstitions and miracles.


Prof. Nayar said: "We have grown up with lots of superstitions in our country." With his demonstrations, he explained the tricks behind the "miracles" performed by godmen.

He astounded the audience with demonstrations that demystified the tricks behind them. The trick used to get prasad out of thin air is very simple.

Tiny tablets are hidden between the fingers and crushed periodically. Camphor can be burnt on the palms quite easily for some time and, "burning it on the tongue is far easier than on your hands because of the moisture in the mouth," he said.

A Rs. 100 note can be plucked out of the air by folding it finely into a tiny barrel and waving one's hands to create a distraction while the note is pulled out covertly.


Tongue piercing and walking on fire can be done if one has a strong mental disposition and is able to cause a distraction. The fear in people makes it uncommon in society, Prof. Nayar explained.

He remarked: "The tragedy is that even highly educated professionals are becoming victims to these tricks of godmen and women."

Though an atheist, Prof. Nayar believes in natural powers beyond human control. He is not against belief in God. But he strongly condemns cheating and killing in God's name.

His programmes have been aired on various channels including National Geographic Channel and Discovery.

He has staged more than 3,000 shows in India and abroad to spread awareness among people. Prof. Nayar is the President of the Federation of Indian Rationalists' Associations.

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