Demand for review of Muslim Women's Act

NEW DELHI, SEPT. 2. In an attempt to give Muslim women their ``due, and legitimate right and share'', activists belonging to the community have demanded a review of the Muslim Women (protection of rights at divorce) Act 1986 pertaining to the Islamic law of divorce and maintenance.

Criticising the attitude of successive Governments, the activists, in a letter to the President, Mr. K.R. Narayanan, have said ``till date, very little, if at all, effort has been made by successive post-Independence Governments to alleviate our misfortunes''.

``The only law that was made after Independence, ostensibly to uphold the Islamic law of divorce and maintenance, was the Act of 1986, which regrettably fell short of extending the truly Islamic rights and entitlements to destitute and divorced Muslim women,'' the letter said.

The activists, including the Lok Sabha MP, Ms. Noor Bano, the Rajya Sabha MP, Mohd. Salim and the former member of National Commission for Women, Ms. Syeda Hameed, also held deliberations on the issue in the capital recently.


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