Deletion of voters' names alleged

PONDICHERRY, NOV. 15. Dr. S. Thiagarajan, president of the Jawahar Nagar Residents Welfare Association and member of the Advisory Committee of the Pondicherry unit of the TMC, the treasurer of the Association, Mr. N.C.M. Kumarakrishna Reddiar, and its secretary, Mr. K. Nandagopal, have alleged in a joint statement that of the 3200 voters attached to three booths in Jawahar Nagar, names of 1800 voters have been found to be deleted without any reason.

In the last Lok Sabha poll held in September 1999, the strength of the voters in these booths was 3200. But now when voters went for verification of the lists in response to repeated appeals by the Election Department, 1800 voters found that their names were deleted from the list.

Joint CEO's clarification

A press communication from the Joint Chief Electoral Officer of Pondicherry, Mr. M. Arunachalam, said here today that certain complaints regarding deletion of names from electoral rolls had been raised particularly in respect of Jawahar Nagar housing colony. These names were deleted because the allottees to whom the tenements were given by the Pondicherry Housing Board had since vacated and moved to different places. These deletions were effected during the summary revision of voters' lists done in November last year. However, the Chief Election Commissioner has ordered a recheck so as to ensure that no genuine voters` names who are ordinarily residing in the area were missed out.

The Election Department appealed to all those who had complaints of their names having been deleted to verify the same with the Electoral Registration Officers concerned and if necessary, file fresh claims for inclusion in Form six before the officers on or before November 30.