Deendar Anjuman denies hand in serial blasts

HYDERABAD, JULY 20. Deendar Anjuman, the organisation accused of causing serial blasts in south India, asserted that it was not connected with the blasts and was open to face any inquiry with regard to its functioning.

Speaking to media persons at their central office in Asifnagar here on Thursday, the secretary of Deendar Anjuman, Maulana Jaffer Siddiqi, and other office-bearers said due to negative reports in the media the organisation's name and image had been badly tarnished.

Without any concrete proof, only basing on the arrest of a few persons, who were said to be followers of the Deendar Anjuman, it was being alleged that the organisation was behind the serial blasts. The investigating agencies have already raided the central office twice, but could not find anything objectionable. They also rounded up some persons for interrogation, but they could not link anything directly to the organisation, they said.

``With no concrete evidence against Deendar Anjuman, even the Karnataka Chief Minister wanted to wait till the inquiries were completed to get a clear picture of the culprits/organisations involved in the blasts. But, unfortunately our Chief Minister, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, going by the information given by the investigating agencies, in a recent statement made it apparent that Deendar Anjuman was responsible for the blasts'', they lamented. Hussain Siddiqi, grandson of the founder of Deendar Anjuman, said that it is not a sect. It is a faith practising and preaching Islam for uniting people of different religions throughout India. It never lured, misguided or forced anybody to embrace Islam and only stressed on peaceful coexistence by respecting the founders and holy scriptures of all religions.

Deendar Anjuman has invited the Government, investigating agencies and civil liberties committees to visit its central office and find for themselves what the facts were and how it was functioning. ``With regard to those arrested in the bomb blast case they have already been suspended from the organisation. We have taken up our own investigation and if they are found guilty we will dismiss them'', Hussain Siddiqi said.

``With our meagre sources we are striving to propagate peace and communal harmony. In our history of 75 years we were never involved in any controversy and have been single mindedly working for our mission-universal peace'', he said.

The recent developments appear to be a conspiracy of some vested interests to target Deendar Anjuman. ``Our organisation has nothing to do with the recent serial blasts and we have nothing more to say on this issue'', they reiterated. They also demanded the release of seven persons who were picked up by the police for interrogation.