De-stressing course for future managers

BANGALORE, DEC. 6. B-school students apparently need de-stressing as much as practising managers do.

The Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM) in Electronic City here has introduced the Art of Living programme, made famous by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, in its course curriculum. The IFIM faculty felt that though the educational institutions trained students in thinking, reasoning and cognitive skills, they rarely taught them how to deal with another important aspect of the mind, its components and emotions, that could have a direct bearing on one's personal and professional life.

The IFIM Director, Vijayasarathy, said: "Our students are on the threshold of entering a new phase of life which will see them facing challenges, competition and stress. The Art of Living course is to help them to effectively deal with the inherent demands of modern life that tags itself with tension and stress."

Being a management expert himself, Prof. Vijayasarathy believes that management is a lot about being able to perform under extreme pressures and being equally good at group dynamics, which is only possible when the mind, body and soul are in tune with one another. The Art of Living courses claim to offer simple but effective techniques, which eliminate toxins and stresses that accumulate in our systems over time. They teach one a unique way to harmonise and energise the body, breath, mind and emotions.

The IFIM students were part of Art Excel, a programme specially designed for youth. This teaches young people how to effectively handle stress and negative emotions such as fear, anger and frustration.

The programme promotes human values through a variety of techniques that teach important life skills such as the art of making friends, the secret of popularity, personal responsibility, the value of service and nurtures their creativity. All in a supporting, yet challenging and fun atmosphere.

The programme also provides leadership training and skills, which enable youth become positive role models for their peers.

All these attributes are considered very important components in shaping a good manager.

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