dated April 30, 1951: Prayers for peace

Over 500 Sadhus from different parts of India on April 28, went in a procession through the crowded streets of New Delhi to pray for peace in the world.

Thousands of citizens crowded on housetops and in balconies and also lined the four-mile long route to watch the Sadhus, some of them scantily clothed, marching along Chandni Chowk, the heart of the city, to Qudsya Ghats, on the banks of Jumna.

Mr. Manilal Gandhi

Mr. Manilal Gandhi, second son of Mahatma Gandhi, was understood to be carrying on correspondence with Dr. Malan, Premier of South Africa, on the subject of his decision to launch individual ``satyagraha'' on the lines adopted by his father in order to defy the apartheid policy of the South African Government. It was not yet known when this ``satyagraha'' or civil disobedience movement would start.

Return Hungarian Crown

The Washington State Government disclosed on April 28, that it had rejected Hungary's request to turn over the ancient Crown of saint Stefan as a condition for Vogeler's release. The State Government said that on the question of the return of the Crown, the Hungarian Government was informed that it was not removed by force from Hungary but was surrendered to the United States authorities for safe keeping and was being held in trust by them.

Hungary was informed that the Crown would continue to be treated as property of special status and not within the scope of restitution of looted property.

The one-thousand-year-old Crown of Saint Stephan had a special mystic symbolism, as the Crown of the first Christian Kingdom of Hungary.

``People's Party'' for West Bengal

A new political party to be named ``The People's Party'' was formed in Calcutta on April 28, with Dr. Shyam Prasad Mookherjee, as its President. The party was expected to form part of an all- India organisation which would also act in co-operation with other parties with similar objectives.

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