Dangerous web

Sir, - This refers to the letter ``The other side of the Net'' (TheHindu, June 29).

I am an engineering student. A few students of my discipline (computer science) were caught red-handed in our college lab watching photos of one of those obscene sites already downloaded into the system and were suspended for a month. There are reports (from my friends studying there) from many other engineering colleges, where free Internet facility is provided, how a few students have turned into addicts of such dirty sites.

The problem now faced is the increased browsers for such sites especially those in their teens or even at school levels. This, if left unchecked, would become another youth problem just like teenage smoking and drinking.

If this continues the parents would want their children to stay away from the Internet places, thereby stopping them at the gateway of a highly powerful world of knowledge and information.

Now that the problem and its intensity is at a nascent stage, it should be curtailed. My request to all the parents, educational institutions is to become alert to the potential danger and pressure the government (Ministry for Information Technology) and the officials concerned to take a final decision not to allow such sites into our cyber world.

R. Bhaskar,

Guntur (AP)