Dalmiya calls for anti-vilification mechanism

CALCUTTA, MAY 8. The International Cricket Council (ICC) president, Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya, broached of a ``mechanism to stop personal vilification on mere pretexts,'' on Sunday here. He was reacting to an article published in a British newspaper which alleged that he had been ousted from the ICC Finance and Marketing Committee by the executive board.

The president said that he ``headed straight to Paris for the ICC Finance and Marketing Committee meeting after attending the executive board meeting on May 2 and 3.'' The meeting at Paris was scheduled on May 4 and 5 and ``I attended the meeting in my capacity as the ICC president. So whatever has been published or telecast about me getting debarred from the committee, is totally false'' he added. ``There cannot be any curtailment of powers by the executive board.'' Mr. Dalmiya added that ``in view of baseless allegations coming up against the ICC president, executive board has rightly thought that the financial negotiations should be conducted by the chairman of the Finance and Marketing Committee and the ICC chief executive. This has been done to protect the position of the president and the president elect. So, there cannot be any question of the president getting debarred.'' ``I have already served a legal notice on the concerned newspaper for publishing a damaging article a week ago. I am applying to the government of India for the sanction of foreign exchange to sue the concerned newspaper,'' he said.

He also added that ``ICC's Investigating Committee is likely to come up formally within a month as certain legal aspects have to be looked into. The terms of references are being worked out under the ICC Code of Conduct Committee chairman Lord Griffith.