`Counter unfair reports in western media'

Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: India has been taking an unfair beating from irresponsible and stereotypical reporting and it is time Indian journalists did something about it, columnist S. Gurumurthy told students at Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies here on Sunday.

"Popularity comes without invitation, and leaves without a farewell," Mr. Gurumurthy said. He was delivering the keynote address at the fourth annual convocation of the institute.

Sixteen students received postgraduate diplomas in print, broadcast, and new media journalism this year.

Swami Pragyapada, a senior Art of Living teacher, presided over the convocation.

Mr. Gurumurthy said he would not brand journalists as anti-Indian. Some of his western friends truly believe that India is a land of "bride-baking". He said several other countries, including the U.S., Japan, and Sweden, have had their share of social problems but the media in those countries never focuses on those problems.

Swami Pragyapada, in his presidential address, asked the students not to lose sight of their long-term goal and not be swayed by any momentary setbacks.

Radhakrishnan, Executive Director of the institute, spoke.

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